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We love our diverse clientele of brands, artists and events that cover multinationals to one man shows.


We create, manage and moderate unique brand strategies, communities and content on every online platform.

Meaning online, offline, above the line, below the line and even between the lines for clients such as Bacardi, XITE TV, Red Bull, Showpony, Martini, RBMAR, and many more. To make life easier we tend to build handy tools too. Tools that make services like community management, publishing, insights, moderation and data collecting easy like a Sunday morning.

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Some of our favorite people in the world are artists and most of our staff members are too. One way or another. We believe that artists should focus on what they do best and leave their online communication and promotion to whoever does that the best. HINT HINT.

That way we can help grow their database, monetize their traffic and think of creative ways to inform, engage and interact with their fans while they still get to keep all the personal updates themselves. Just ask us about all the cool tools and toys we built over the years to support our artist campaigns, we’ll gladly tell it to you over a cup of coffee.


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We all know how to throw a party, but for branded event communication you should give us a call.

We know how to reach your target group, how to speak to them, exactly what to say and we even make it seem like it was all your idea in the first place.

Jawdropping artwork, cross platform promotion, on- and offline advertising, recruiting ambassadors, ad words, retargeting, ticket sales, you name it, we’ve done it before.

And we also built a whole bunch of great tools and apps for your guestlist, personal invites, database, mailings and more. Just take a look at what we did for clients like SENSATION, Please Don’t Tell, NEONSPLASH, Totally Summer, Tik Tak, Girls Love DJ’s INVITES and more.


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Red BullSocial & Popup Store


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The most loved Rum brand in the world wanted to go online, so they came to us. We heard their amazing heritage story, loved their amazing heritage story and told their amazing heritage story to the world. Running several campaigns over the years in multiple countries and growing their Facebook community from 0 users to over 110k in NL and from 0 to over 50k in Belgium. After that we developed a cross platform strategy for all their brands. Check out some of our work here:



Ooh baby, aaaah baby, yeeeeah baby, Martini baby! We all loved their commercials since we were old enough to watch Charlize Theron’s dress unveil her best asset, so you can imagine how excited we were when they asked us to help them out. Martini is an innovative brand and wasn’t affraid of trying great global campaigns or launching new innovating products. With brand new BVI’s, goals and successes, this was quite the ride! We managed their online communities, created content and ran the advertising amongst a whole bunch of other cool things.





Bring on the Night they said, and so we did. Eristoff Vodka, our favorite spirit from the land of the wolf is a brand that dares to engage their high energy fans. We took over Belgium’s biggest spirit Facebook page and helped set one up for the Netherlands. It wasn’t easy reconnecting to over 45k fans in BE, but it sure was fun and as the great ideas kept coming, so did the fans. In NL we started at 0 and built it up to 25k fans with some of the coolest projects we have ever worked on. Take a look for yourself:




America TodayAmerica Today


Urby EmanuelsonUrby Emanuelson


If one of our favorite footballers on this globe asks you too help him out with connecting to his fans, you simply can’t say no. It was our pleasure helping Urby out and of course we expanded his fanbase along the way.

Girls Love DJsGirls Love DJs


Gregory van der WielGregory van der Wiel


This national and international hero needs no introduction whatsoever. You’ve got Google right? We built his Facebook community from 0 all the way to 85k with self created content and campaigns to get him closer to his fans. Check out how we did it:

Please Don’t TellPlease Don't Tell




Totally SummerTotally Summer


Girls Love DJsGirls Love DJs